This is weird

No, no. I'm too paranoid. I keep feeling like there’s someone moving nearby… But no. I'm fine. I'll just… get somewhere else.

I'm gonna get out of here

I keep seeing… movement near me. Well, it could just be someone here by accident, but I'm gonna leave just in case. The bracelet's been acting weird, too.


Concerns about my safety

I did, in fact, encounter some AWBO members along the way yesterday. They didn't survive. Thanks for the postmonition, though.
Uh… I need my bracelet? Well, there's not a lot I can do with it.
(What's a universe, by the way?)


Sara is dead

I've heard some claims that I can't exist.
Well, of course not. Obviously I've been lying constantly here. I even warned you. You think I'd trust just anyone?
I took the name "Sara" from someone I briefly knew… And I'm keeping it. I won't tell you who I really am.
I can't risk anything. Not anymore. And after the whole "Don't go to Sarrow" thing, I'm not sure I can trust or rely on you at all.

There, that wasn't so bad, was it?

I'm back from Sarrow, and guess what - I'm still alive! (Can't say the same for your minion, but anyway…) All that worrying for nothing!
I didn't quite get it back from AWBO but I have managed to get hold of some very valuable information. And I should be able to take control of it if I need to. All sorted.


I'm going to Sarrow

And that's final. I'll bring your minion with me for some extra defence. And his bracelet. I bet you a 1000G I'll still be alive in the morning. Nothing to worry about. I'm a professional.

I shouldn't go to Sarrow?

Come on! I'm nearly there. I did some quick combat training by beating up a rock. Sorry, rock. But I'm capable.
Why shouldn't I go? You have all-seeing powers, I suppose. Makes sense. But I can see the town and it doesn't look too bad. There's no massive army surrounding it. And I can flee if I need to.
Well, I'll stop for now, I guess. But unless something big happens, I'm still going there.


My ears...

Ahh... I think it's stopped now. I just heard this REALLY LOUD ringing noise in my ears. I hope I'm okay... Seems to be safe. Ah, that really hurt.


On the move

I'm heading to Sarrow so that I have a chance of attacking it, at the very least. Since I can… hear… now… What do you think?